Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2010! I am full of optimism for this year. Unlike the start of last year where I was pessimistic I feel a lot more upbeat this year about the prospects for better world. Lots of things have changed since last year. Barack Obama is now the president of the United States of America, South Africa hasn't collapsed with the coming of Pres Jacob Zuma (Will miracles never cease), swine flu appears to be under control, to just mention a few of the things that worried me about last year.

One of the causes of my depression was that I was constantly evaluating myself against a definition of success that I didn't quite have a handle on. On the advice of my dear friend and political cartoonist Pratish Mistry I consulted him as a life coach of sorts that made quite a significant impact.

At first I was rather sceptical about using such a person but after a few discussions I was quite convinced about the value I was receiving from the meetings.I had heard some horror stories about other friends that have visited life coaches and found that those therapists rejected many of their own fears and insecurities onto their patients, or rather clients. I would suggest you visit only a coach that has been strongly recommended by someone that you know closely. They are far too many charlatans out there and damaged that they might be doing could be quite high.

With Pratish, I managed to outline my goals for 2010 quite clearly and succinctly. He approached my life almost as though it were a business that needed to be run profitably. And profitably in this instance meant that I was maximising the return on my time. He acted more as a facilitator rather than an adviser. And I think this is what made all the difference. I felt as though my ideas were really my own -- not some psychobabble by some new age guru that was all great in theory it could not be put to practice.

Anyway, enough for now I will hopefully be more regular this year with my blogging to share my experiences and let you know all my life plan is going! All the very best of 2010!