Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kangaroos in Kampala

I have to say that sometimes in life I feel so out of place in the society I live in. There is a fairly large expat community in Uganda but despite being from a variety of different countries, the community is homogenous. It seems everyone thinks the same, acts the same, behaves the same, decides the same - it's all quite scary.

Sometimes I wonder if I would fit in anywhere at all, particularly given that I have travelled and lived in a number of countries around east Africa and still feel so out of place. Perhaps I should try another continent - Europe perhaps.

Things are plodding along at work and at home - nothing major to report except for this sense of boredom with the overly familiar here in Kampala. Hopefully my trip to Italy later this month will bring some much-needed energy back into the equation.

Anyway, back to complete my macroeconomics assignment now - will update the blog again soon!