Monday, December 15, 2008

Another boring week goes by

Ok so this is quite working out as well as I had expected. I was hoping to log my thoughts and depression triggers on the here so I have a means to vent but it sucks. I just don't feel like writing most of the time. Had to practically drag myself into it today and likely only wound up doing it because my dear friend Nayna - the cow - yelled at me for not following through again.. ;) Thanks dear

Not sure what is going on with me. I started off really well but things seem to have deteriorated as time progressed. I lost my enthusiasm for it - and quite frankly felt I'd be better off playing with Sam than sitting in front of the PC trying to get things going with a dumb blog. I'm just so frustrated with everything right now it's irking me. I can't work, focus on my studies or even attempt to get out of this depressed state of being I find myself in these days. Is this normal? How the hell long is this going to last for? Thanks the wiccan witches I'm not armed with an AK47 right now.

Anyway, today is the start of a new week.. hopefully it will be a better one than the last. I won't hold my breath. I managed to get a booking for Rwanda so am off to see the gorillas.. really looking forward to it.. maybe they'll help me overcome my current state of being....

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