Friday, April 30, 2010

Iceland volcano humour

Thought I'd put up some Friday fun today - it's been a slow week in Uganda and I'm glad to be back from the United States... thanks to the wonderful travel adventure chaos caused by that steaming hole in the ground in Iceland.

At least my delays were nowhere near as bad as some of my friends who were flying around in Europe at the time - one literally spent 5 days in the airport because she couldn't get accommodation.

Came across this link which was pretty good fun: UK Telegraph's top 10 best and worst Iceland Volcano Jokes - some of them even raised a chuckle for me!

Enjoy the weekend and will update the blog with my thoughts on the UK election news over the weekend.


OneStonedCrow said...

Hehehe ... good link - I haven't been watching the drama on TV but I think I like the first one best - 'It’s a bit early for Iceland volcano jokes. We should wait awhile for the dust to settle.'

Greetings from Namibia

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