Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Racism rears its ugly head

With the recent murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre'blanche in South Africa its no wonder that racial tensions are on the up in the country. Central to the controversy is Julius Malema once again. Many Afrikaaners in South Africa are claiming that his singing of the struggle song "Shoot the Boer" has sparked off additional killing of white farmers. Not a far stretch considering the song was recently declared hate speech by the Human Rights Commission.

Jacob Zuma has lashed out at Malema who in return is claiming that he has done nothing wrong. All this tension arrives at a stime when South Africa really does not need it. It's less than sixty days for the FIFA 2010 world cup to be held in South Africa and the negative publicity abroad is raising widespread concerns for potential visitors to the country. Still, Malemamania seems to be in full force and the man appears to be making headlines daily.

Wonkie's recent cartoon is one of its most controversial as yet but it certainly gets the point home about the double standards that are in place in South Africa. Over 500 people have voted on its poll about the song - you should add your voice too if you haven't already!

If you haven't viewed the hilarious cartoon with the Easter Bunny be sure to check out the link below:

Malema cartoon thumbnail
Shoot the Boer

One can only hope Wonkie plans on recovering from the bloodbath in the comments section with a supremely positive post this week - South Africa certainly needs some optimism!

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