Monday, November 24, 2008

Let's get loud

Must be good energy or something about today.. everyone seems to be feeling great :) Went to the gym this morning and feel quite ready to take on the world. Have the loud music pumping in the background - nothing quite like Iron Maiden to get you ready to face the world.. lol

Played a bit with Sam but mostly catching up on all the stuff I was meant to have finished last week. It's hot and sweaty today.. thank God for air conditionining

Just received an email from my Wonkie subscription - it seems they are having a promotion at the moment. If you subscribe to receive free cartoons by email you can win an iPod - sadly only South Africans qualify so was a bit peeved considering I subscribed .. anyway.. thought I'd post it here for my friends in SA.. if any of you win I get to use it 2 months of the year LOL!

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