Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some fun at last!!

Ok so gave up even trying to work and came across this neat cartoon blog called Wonkie through StumbleUpon - lol (I was bored ok!)! It seems like they just started it up a couple of weeks back so there are only about 100 cartoons but girl are they funny! It's like an African version of the SouthPark show in comic format! Loved the Sarah Palin on Oprah one.. sit down and tell me all about it dear!

Just thought I'd share it in case they're any other bored souls out there reading this. Think I'll find a collection of these cartoon/ joke sites and post them when I'm feeling feeling jobless like I am today - at least it'll be mildly more constructive than drinking myself into a stupor (I'm stopping this I swear.. please please not a single AA meeting more!)

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